Internet radio for Scotland's social services

Internet radio for Scotland's social services

27 April, 2015

Trauma and looked after children

How do we deal with trauma? Most of us have a reference point for what is ‘safe’ which allows us to make sense of traumatic events (for example a car crash) and provides a framework to deal with it....


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21 April, 2015

Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH)

Recovery Across Mental Health (formerly Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health) is an...
26 March, 2015

We Chose to Climb!

We Chose to Climb was a three-day event or ‘climb’ that was held over 16-18th March at the Arches...
17 March, 2015

PASDA. Supporting families of adults with autism

There are over 7000 families supporting adults with an autistic spectrum condition in Edinburgh...
17 February, 2015

Homelessness: sustainability

How do we best secure stable futures for people who have experienced homelessness? What assistance...
13 February, 2015


Dates n Mates is a friendship and dating agency for people with learning disabilities. Michael...
10 February, 2015

Homelessness: transitions

Periods of transition can be particularly difficult and are proven situations where people are a...

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Michael McEwan

Mike is an experienced radio presenter, having worked for community and online radio stations for over thirteen years. Mike, who is himself...
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Scottish Attachment in Action

Scottish Attachment In Action (SAIA) is an interest, campaigning and learning and development organisation....

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Brigid Daniel

Brigid Daniel is the Head of Social Work at the...

University of Stirling

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How do we best secure stable futures for people who have experienced #homelessness? Episode two in series on #irissfm