Internet radio for Scotland's social services

Internet radio for Scotland's social services

27 October, 2014

Achieving permanence for disabled children

On 10 October 2014, IRISS.FM attended 'Achieving permanence for disabled children’ event, which was held at the Teacher Building in Glasgow. The event was held to discuss a new piece of research...


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17 October, 2014

How can we effectively engage with harder to reach older people?

Plan P: New approaches to prevention with older people, is an IRISS project which addresses the...
9 October, 2014

ASSET (Age Specialist Services Emergency Team)

IRISS became aware of ASSET (Age Specialist Services Emergency Team) through Michelle Millar at...
7 October, 2014

My life my way. No. 2: Chris White

Until his mid 20s Chris White was doing OK: working ,married and a decent social life. He began...
1 October, 2014

Putting the baby IN the bathwater (why attachment matters for all)

We all believe in preventing harm to children and we know that attachment plays a key role in...
23 September, 2014

World Dementia Awareness Month

September is World Dementia Awareness Month and to mark it IRISS.FM met up with the directors of...
22 September, 2014

Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter is an IRISS project to develop ideas that support young people who are...

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Michael McEwan

Mike is an experienced radio presenter, having worked for community and online radio stations for over thirteen years. Mike, who is himself...
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Brigid Daniel

Brigid Daniel is the Head of Social Work at the...

University of Stirling
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Ian Watson

Ian Watson leads IRISS's Knowledge Media programme. His background is in the technical and legal aspects of knowledge and information sharing,  ...


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Achieving #permanence for disabled children - hear about the latest research on #irissfm #disability #socialservices
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How can we engage effectively with harder to reach #olderpeople ? Listen to latest #irissfm discussion #prevention
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Have you heard our recent #irissfm on Asset Hospital at Home Service? It’s changing and challenging perspectives